Our Work With Charities

October 2014 – Macmillan Cancer Support



You might notice something different about me this October. It’ll be a new me. A more fresh-faced me. A more rejuvenated me. You might even see me down at the gym more often. Why? Because I’m going alcohol free for 31 whole days. I can hear you gasp from here. I’ve even surprised myself. But it’s all for a great cause.

I’m taking part in Go Sober – the challenge raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support – which means no booze for the whole of October. No lager, no gin, no vodka … not even a shandy.

Support my heroic efforts

In appreciation of my superhuman efforts, any generous support you may be able to offer will go a long way to ensuring I don’t fall off the wagon, as well as making a massive difference to the lives of people affected by cancer in the UK.

So visit my profile page link, please make a fitting donation and leave a message of support, is:

Every penny you can spare will make it easier to Go Sober for October – and make sure Macmillan can be there to help even more people take back control of their life.

Thanks in advance for your kind sponsorship,

Dr Tim Mitchell

January 2014 – Pahar Trust

One of our partners, Dr Mitchell, has recently visited two schools in the Annapurna region of Nepal with the Pahar Trust and Gloucestershire Cricket Board.

Dr Mitchell, who is a trustee of the Pahar Trust, took the plastic cricket sets out after seeing the game played while on previous projects in the country.

He said: “I had seen people playing before but there seemed to be a real lack of equipment. A number of the schools seemed to have reasonable ability and I thought we need to build on this.”

Dr Mitchell, was put in touch with the GCB by his practice manager at the Montpelier Health Centre, Neil Higginson, who is heavily involved with the Board as a coach, tutor and as Gloucestershire Coaches Association secretary.

Read more of his experiences on the GCB website.